Friday, July 22, 2011

Lawon Fights to Stay

I just tuned in to the live feeds, and Lawon was in the HOH, saying some shit to Brendon and Rachel about how his "word is his word", and "somebody gonna win $500K" and so on and so on.
While he was talking to them, a Big Brother voice came on the intercom in the HOH and addressed Brendon and Rachel directly.  At first I thought it was a British voice but now I'm not sure.  There was some sort of accent there, but he was telling them that they would be locked out of the HOH room for about three hours and needed to evacuate the premises and take what they would need with them.

This was Lawon's cue to leave and he hugged both of them on the way out.
After Lawon left Rachel started packing a bag right away.  They will both have to shower downstairs and the food competition will happen shortly, so they pack their clothes accordingly.

Rachel thought maybe they planned to clean the fish tank or something.  Brendon remembered that they hadn't fed the fish yet so he did that.
The fish food is already pre-measured for them--each little baggie of food has the date written on it, as well as the suggested feeding time. 

Brendon brings up what Lawon said and they both agree that he said the same thing over and over.

Brendon:  I was like, whatever Lawon.  We're still going to do what we're going to do....

The feeds cut out, and when they return Brenchal are in the bathroom, packing up toiletries and stuff while they discuss Danielle.  They are trying to cover everything they can before they need to leave the HOH room.

Basically, they say that Dani whined and complained in the beginning that she couldn't compete, etc (it was very annoying) and while she was genuinely disappointed that she lost her dad as a partner, she has been focusing on building relationships to hedge her alliance with everyone in the house.

Brendon strongly feels that they can't trust Dominic---that his first alliance will be with Danielle.  Last year all of his first instincts turned out to be correct.  He doesn't trust Adam either, but thinks he can control him for the time being more than he could control Dominic.

(Sounds like Dom and Adam will be nominated.)

Rachel starts taking items out of her mini-bar fridge---winning HOH saved her ass this week since she is on slop.  She is allowed to eat items out of her HOH basket in addition to slop, protein shakes and whatever gift foods America bestows on them.

Sounds like Lawon and Kalia will float for another week....

Also, I didn't hear any fighting between them, nor any indications that they were about to fight.  A Friday Miracle!!

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