Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Late Night Crew

is still up, talking shit in the Have Not Room.

But for once they are discussing a few interesting things.  I have been making breakfast for my dog while I watch, so I will briefly summarize here:

1.  Kalia (not up late, but being discussed) told the other HG that she likes to cook nude at home.  None of them enjoy the thought of that, but Lawon says she "is very comfortable with herself".

2.  Dominic likes to 'air dry' at home when he gets out of the shower.  He just 'shakes off' and walks around to air dry.  Dani asked if he does that with his family at home---he says no, only when he is home alone.

3.  Dominic thinks Keith 'whacked it' in the BB house at least three or four times.

4.  When she was in the house, Cassi told them that she never masturbates.  Dom asked her, "then how do you survive"?

5.  Dom tells Dani and Lawon that Adam told him he smokes A LOT of pot.  Dom indicated that the amount was unbelievable.  Lawon said maybe that's why he was so big....(munchies).  They discuss his absurd need to eat so much bacon.

(I'm not shocked that Adam is a pot head, are you?)

6.  They discussed how much Porsche eats in the house.  Lawon commented that she 'eats like a guy'.

7.  That brings them to Brendon.  They have never seen anybody eat as much as Brendon.  He runs about 40-45 miles a week when he is out of the house.  Dani says he eats one whole container of egg whites every day.  The container of egg whites grosses Dom out (me too).

Why does Lawon wear that Yale sweatshirt?  I think Yale should sue him.....

Lawon left and Dani starts whispering about him.

Dani:  He tries to talk, but all he does is repeat exactly what you say right back to you.

Lawon returns and reports it is 4:55 am and Dom and Dani don't believe it.  Lawon jokes about crawling in bed with Kalia to wake her up.

Dani thinks there will be Have Nots again next week.  Rachel is okay on slop this week because she got so many frozen dinners in the HOH room. Dani says that she asked for them in the DR.

Lawon requested hummus in his HOH room.  Dom wants pita chips and loves the ones from Whole Foods.  Dani likes the cinnamon pita chips (Stacy's) and dips them in Cool Whip.  She also likes peanut butter on apples.  Dom likes almond milk and drinks goat milk at home.

Dani:  Goat milk??  What's wrong with you?

Dom:  Uh...I'm allergic to regular milk! (lactose intolerant) I grew up on it.  My mom is a nutritionist....holistic..

Dani:  Really?

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