Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Minute Scrambling....and a Haircut

Cassi is going to try one more time to get the votes to stay.  She thinks the person who goes against the crowd can keep their vote secret and maybe blame it on Porsche.  She thinks Shelly would be okay either way, and she knows that Cassi is going to try to stay in the house.

She feels she has Lawon and Kalia's votes because Kalia started this campaigning effort.  With Dom's vote that would be 4, and Dom is going to approach Adam for his vote.  Cassi cleans up Dominic's hairline during this conversation.

Now Dom approaches Adam, who is flabbergasted by this turn of events.  Dom reports that Jeff will vote to keep Cassi, too, so all they need is Adam's vote to make it work.
Dom:  If Kalia and Lawon aren't telling the truth, there is a lot of risk here.  Me and you could get screwed on this and lose everybody's trust.

Adam:  I wish we could trust fucking Kalia and Lawon........does she trust Jeff?

Dom:  She seems to....don't say anything to anybody.  I'll bring Cassi in here to talk.

Adam:  Hey, if you cut your hair, I'm going to shave my head...

Dom:  Do it!

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