Friday, July 8, 2011

Keith Opens Up

in the Padded Cell with Cassi.
He is talking a mile a minute.  The eight of them formed a bond before the Duos arrived, and agreed to stick together.  They had the numbers, they didn't need to win HOH.

But Porsche is the first one to break that bond, by going upstairs and running her mouth.  He feels like she switched sides and needs to be evicted as a result.

(This twist is brilliant in that they have to turn on their partner when nominated.  Wonder how that will play out when the All Star Duos are nominated?)

Cassi is a good listener and offers calm soothing advice.  She says the reason why she went upstairs to talk was that there was too much division in the house.  Too much us and them and somebody needed to break that up.

Keith doesn't blame her, he blames Porsche.

(Duh.  It's either him or her getting the boot this week, unless they get taken off the block.)

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