Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kalia Spills Cassi's Beans

by the pool.  The girls were talking about how pretty and natural she is with no makeup.  Someone said she should be a model, and Kalia spilled it.

Kalia:  She used to be a model, but she hated it.  She was on all the big magazine covers, and worked with the top agencies...she hated it...

There is silence from Rachel while she calculates this info.  I expect this to come up in the HOH later.

They think Cassi looks like Angelina Jolie when her hair is down and straight.  They also think she looks like Olivia Wilde.

Kalia started naming all of the black girls who have been on Big Brother.  She always forgets about Jameka.

Dani:  How can you forget about Jameka?

Rachel:  We had Monet!  She was a black girl.

Kalia:  But she was also a disaster...

Now they talk about Kristin's body (BB12) and Rachel compliments her but says her boobs are fake.

Someone says Janelle is pretty and Kalia makes a negative "Hmmm" voice.  She elaborates by saying she saw her come out of the shower and didn't see the natural beauty.  She clarifies that Janelle is "cute" and she sees why everyone says thinks highly of Janelle.

Dani says the prettiest girls who have ever been on Big Brother are Lisa BB3 and Amanda BB4.  (What?  Amanda from BB4? No way...)

Kalia:  Lisa...did she make it very far?

Dani:  She won!

Kalia:  Oh...that shows how much I know.

They talk about how pretty Chelsea is, and someone (Kalia, I think.) said she had gained a lot of weight.  Dani defended her by saying that she was on BB three years ago and she's grown up.  They say she has lost a lot of weight but is naturally pretty.

Rachel brings up how pretty Annie is from BB12.  Now Dani says that Annie is so beautiful inside and out.

(Is Dani dating Annie?  I have heard her say several things about being "so close" to Annie, even on Rumor Control.  And Annie talks about her, too.)

Did you get a load of how conservative Rachel's bathing suit is?  She looks like a soccer mom out there.

Dani was just talking about how Annie's hair is naturally blonde instead of the brunette color she had on the show and then she smirked:  "I like Annie both ways..."

Yep, I think something is going on there......

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