Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kalia Shoves a Bagel In her Mouth

while she whispers to Danielle about Cassi's ploy to stay in the house.

Never mind that SHE is the one who encouraged Cassi to try and stay in the house, and now she is blabbing about it to Danielle.

Dani counts the votes and says it still isn't enough.  (She doesn't know about Kalia's vote.)  Clearly this is Kalia's ploy to cast aspersions on the other newbies.

Kalia:  Can you believe it takes people all day to get ready?  All day!

Dani: I know, I usually wait until 3:00.

Oh now Dani tells them that during her season "Jameka pulled the race card" to get a hair dryer for the house.  Not a blow dryer, but a hair dryer that you sit under.

Kalia explains that you put conditioner on black hair and sit under the dryer to let it soak in.

Dani says that Jameka was much funnier in person than she was portrayed on the show during BB8.

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