Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kalia and Lawon in the Storage Room

Kalia is trashing Keith and called him an Uncle Tom Bitch. 

Kalia: Why do we do this to each other?  It  happens every year!  We should stick together!

(i.e. the black people)

Lawon:  You know he's trashing you up there to them--you know that right?

Kalia:  Oh I know that.

Now Lawon pulls Adam aside for a chat and tells him that he has to vote for Porsche to leave.  He made a promise to Keith on the first day and that is why.

Lawon:   My mental game is off the hook.

Adam points out that Keith asks for his vote every day, even though Adam already promised him.  That makes Adam think that Keith's word isn't any good, since he can't rely on other's promises.  Adam is going to wait to decide who to vote for after the Veto ceremony is over.

Lawon's gut is telling him to keep Porsche in the game.  He knows that personally Keith is throwing him under the bus every chance he gets.  (He is, Lawon.)

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