Monday, July 18, 2011

The Joke is on Adam

The HG have been playing a joke on Adam.  Everybody went up to the HOH room and turned off the lights and watched Adam on the HOH Cam.

Adam was asleep in the Have Not Room and when he woke up he was alone for quite some time, and someone had tampered with his picture on the picture wall.

They are all watching him and laughing.  Brendon seems to be the ringleader.  Shelly finally goes downstairs by herself and goes outside to smoke.

Shelly:  Where is everybody?

Adam:  DK, DC......Don't Know, Don't Care

I guess he knew that they were messing with them, but says he enjoyed the peace and quiet.  I think his feelings were hurt.

Adam:  The jokes on you guys.  I needed a little break from the game...

Now everyone comes down and either goes outside or moves around the kitchen.

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