Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jeff: Why Would I Want to Bang Someone with an STD?

He said this to Dom--this is Jeff's way of making an analogy.

Jeff:  Right now, you have an STD!

Dom:  But it's curable!

Brendon jokes that he feels uncomfortable....

Jeff:  I don't mean that I'd bang you....we don't want to give Danielle another weapon.

Dom is talking and talking but it won't change anything.  He is probably enjoying hanging out with the Kool Kids, though.

A few minutes ago, they discussed Dom's moves with the ladies in the house.

Rachel:  You know, I'm okay with a showmance, but....

Dom:  I never did anything with any of the girls in here...

Jeff called him Dom Juan  (that's a good one).

Jeff:  We all could have been cracking jokes like this all summer!  We were locked in!  But now we've got fucking Lawon and Kalia in the fucking Jury House...it makes me sick!

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