Friday, July 8, 2011

Jeff vs. Brendon?

Dom is making breakfast and just asked Jeff to consult on the doneness of the eggs.  Jeff looked and told him to put the top on the skillet.
Brendon sits nearby and has to get in on it.

Brendon:  Dom...Dom!  Just make sure there is no water in the eggs!

All you BB12 fans know that Brendon had to rule the kitchen.  Is there room for Jeff in the kitchen?

Dani likes Fruity Pebbles.  Adam likes Cocoa Pebbles. 

Dani:  I don't have to do anything for a month.  I guess I can eat ice cream for breakfast..

Jeff:  If you gain 20 pounds you get to stay another week.

(I think Jeff and Jordan are doing a good job of splitting up in the house and not making everyone sick with PDA.  But they never really did that, anyway.)

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