Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jeff & Jordan Had a Late Call Time Today, Apparently

and finally appear in the kitchen.

Jeff wants a bite of Jordan's Apple Jacks.

He kept waking up before the wakeup call and just said "Eff it" and went back to sleep.  You can see Brendon outside in this picture.  (So artsy of me.)

Jordan found something strange in her cereal bowl and thinks it is a deformed Apple Jack, or a chunk of sugar.

Jeff took it from her and threw it away.  He can't decide what cereal to eat and Jordan teases him about it being a huge decision.  Jordan feels really good today.  I can tell Jeff feels better because he is flirting around now and is sweet again.  He poured his own bowl of Apple Jacks and Jordan ate some more, too.

Oh no, spoke too soon.

Jordan:  I woke up and my bottom teeth are tingling!

Jeff:  That's because you ate all that shit.....oh never mind never talk to me about your teeth again!  You have to use that toothpaste and it won't happen again--that's all you have to do!

(I have to use Sensadyne for my sensitive teeth--maybe that's what Jeff is talking about.)

Rachel appears and is fake nice to both of them, chatting about the HOH competition tomorrow and how long they may be locked down tonight.  Rachel is nervous about tomorrow and hopes they win.

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