Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeff is Still Angry

and probably will be for awhile.  He finished his meal and went back to Candy Land and got in bed with Jordan.  (I guess the Have Nots  get to sleep in the other rooms during the day?)

Kalia is in the bedroom, too, on the far side so I guess that is suppressing the conversation.

Jeff asks how Jordan is feeling and she says that Rachel (I think...or maybe Shelly) said something to her about how they would be going up against each other.

Jeff:  See.  I told you...

Jordan:  I just don't want her to say it in front of me....

Jeff gets up and says he can't sleep.  After he left Kalia starts whispering to Jordan that she would never vote against her, etc, and Jordan seems to perk up.  They are whispering now and I can't hear much of anything, but I can see that the relationship between them seems to be on the mend.

Jordan's stomach is making a lot of noise.  She asked Kalia if she heard it.

I heard it, Jordan.

(Really, how weird is this whole thing?  I am watching them live in bed, and describing it for you.  I need a drink.)

Now Jeff is back and there is more whispering.  They are still in an indoor lockdown, so I'm sure he is wanting a smoke about now, after that big lunch.

Let's not forget that Kalia was a big Jeff  and Jordan fan before the season started.

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