Friday, July 8, 2011

Jeff is the New Strategy Guy

and goes up to the HOH to tell Brendon and Rachel what is going on with the newbies.

Jeff:  They have no leadership---they are fighting already.

Keith apparently had a fit after nominations and started yelling and throwing Porsche his partner under the bus.

Jeff:  He thinks all of this is a joke..that it's part of the show!

Rachel:  You mean Dick having to leave?

Jeff:  Yeah.  He says he has some big announcement to make after the Veto.

Rachel:  Oh, he has an announcement to make?

Jeff:  Yeah, what the fuck does he have to announce.

Jeff points out that they can get Porsche on their side, and probably Adam, since being close to Dani for Adam is as good as being close to Evel Dick.  Jeff says they need to approach some of the newbies and say, do you want to fight against us?  Or work with us?

They discuss Keith's meltdown.

Jeff:  See, this is what happens.  People get nominated and they go crazy and start talking.

He's doing a good job giving hope to Rachel.  Now Jordan arrives with snacks and reports what happened with Keith.

 Jordan is really crunching on those snacks.  Slow down there Jordan....

Jeff went back downstairs and Jordan and Rachel shoot the shit. Jordan has been watching past seasons and reports that the newbies are breaking up.

Jordan:  I'm sad Dick's gone.  It's kind of sad, it's a shocker.  At least nothing's wrong with him.

Jordan tells Rachel not to leave and quit--she needs to stay here and prove how strong she is.  She used to think Rachel was a bitch on TV with the "me and my man" routine but sees how different she is now.

Jordan: And don't read what all those bad people's probably just a weirdo who has no life and hides behind the computer.  They told me not to look but of course I looked anyway and some of it was mean, it was harsh.

(Who would have expected Jordan to give Rachel a pep talk?)

Jordan:  I think they all like us will all work out.

Rachel:   They don't need to give us another twist--we already got four in the first week.

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