Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jeff Has Stage Fright

when he has to pee in one of the big troughs at a sporting event.

He reports that he is much more comfortable pooping in front of Jordan then peeing.

Jeff:  When I'm standing up and she's in there....I can't get it started!

Adam doesn't live with his girlfriend, but the bathroom door is always closed, and they visit one at a time.

This whole conversation started because Brendon thought Rachel was pooping in the HOH and didn't want to tell him.  (So he came downstairs and told all of the guys?  Brendon needs to watch his fucking mouth.)

Jordan is still sore from working out with Dani yesterday.  The backyard is full of oiled bodies.  That is Keith in the pool all by himself, not making an effort to speak to anybody.
I would have a hard time living and interacting in that kind of environment, but this isn't Keith's first time at the Reality Rodeo, so he'd better pull it together.

Let's enjoy the beauty that is Jeff as he takes a dip.  That is Brendon's ass there in the shot, too.

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