Friday, July 8, 2011

Jeff Approaches Adam

And says he wants to talk to him at some point.

Jeff:  Dick spoke highly of you...I think we need to sit down and talk.

Now Jeff returns to the HOH to report his brief conversation with Adam.

Jeff rallies them by saying "do you want to play this--do you want to rock?"  Jordan wants to play in the Veto tomorrow .  She is snacking nonstop, crunch crunch crunch.

Jordan apologizes to Jeff:  I'm sorry I was mean to you earlier.  I was just upset...

Jeff:  That's okay.

Rachel:  I'm sorry I was mean, too.

Jeff goes downstairs to get more food.  Jordan tells Rachel about what the women in the salon would say about her last summer.

Jordan:  They would come in and talk about how you were straddling Brandon (yes, she calls him Brandon) and all, but now that you're engaged it's different.  It's not like you'll never talk to him again or somethin' like that.

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