Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jeff and Jordan

Jordan:  I feel good about today.

She idly strokes his head and neck.  Jeff doesn't say much---he has morning voice.

I'm guessing the two of them have NO IDEA about the media shitstorm that is going on regarding Jeff's comments about Dumbledore.

Seriously how stupid is that last sentence?  Does anyone really look to Jeff Schroeder for insightful social commentary?

Wait a minute....this is Big Brother...of course thousands of Super Fans are hanging on every word.

WWJD = What Would Jeff Do?

ha ha ha

Jordan's slippers are falling apart and Jeff advises that she "invest in some new ones".  So see, he does offer good advice from time-to-time.

Jeff:  I could go for a pancake today.....

Jordan is not hungry.  She would rather just eat breakfast.

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