Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeff and Jordan Move Out of the HOH

after the long lockdown is finally over.  Dom offers to help Jeff, but he's got it.

I wonder who will be moving in to the HOH tonight?  Due to the nature of the competition tonight, anyone could win.

I think a newbie will win..maybe Adam or Shelly.  It would be funny/horrifying though, if Lawon won..

Here is Porsche at the sink, getting ready for tonight.  Jordan is warming up her Chi hair straightener.

Anybody remember Jase from BB5?  He used to spend hours using the flat iron on his hair before the live show.  You could hear it pop and sizzle, since he started with wet hair.

Rachel gets ready to take a shower.  She can still use the Have side of the shower (the hot side) because her penalty only included the slop.

BTW, how lame was Rachel's conduct after the POV that we saw on the CBS show last night?  Hiding in a bush to cry?


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