Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jeff and Jordan Grab a Moment

alone in the pool.  Jeff makes fun of Jordan doing pilates in the pool.  ("The Hundred")  Jordan likes to watch Daniele work out and mentions how toned the back of her legs are. Jeff watched Cassi work out, too.  Jeff wants to take an aerobic class tonight and wants Jordan to teach it.

Jordan:  I wish my legs weren't so big.  I've got these big hamhocks, but I try..

Jeff:  No...

Jordan:  When you see yourself in the mirrors around here, do you think you look big?  Like big mirrors?  When I look at my legs in the window things, it's like Cellulite City!

Jeff:  Cellulite City?  Really?  I'm in Back Fatville, then.

Adam comes out and sits on the patio.  They move closer together.

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