Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Never Too Early to Whisper

So I turned on the feeds to day and the first thing I see and hear is Dominic, Danielle, and Kalia and Kalia is whispering/talking furiously, about Lindsey Lohan, of all things.  She is talking about The Parent Trap and how her parents were overly involved with Lindsey and that caused her problems.

Dom:  And drugs....drugs....and more drugs.....

Now Dani is whispering about people in her season that needed counseling after the season is over.  She doesn't mention names, but she said that the game messes with your emotions and you got too wrapped up in it.

Dani:  Anything you do in here, it looks like you're up to something.  In my season this room was a room with the round bed in it and even when my dad was HOH, he would still sleep in the middle of the room, not upstairs, so he could be in the middle of everything.

Dom:  Really?  Your dad did that?  That is a brilliant move.

Dani:  I want them (the other veterans) to be on slop next week, and I want them to have to sleep in here.

They discuss how Rachel is supposed to be on slop, but Kalia recites a list of everything she has been eating--those frozen dinners, tilapia, even wine.   Dani is angry about this, too.

Dani left the room--she is still in her clothes from yesterday.  I'm sure she would rather be alone with Dom to do their usual bratty flirting routine, but it looks like she is stuck with Kalia.  Dom is pissed that his fate lies with Porsche's vote.

(Not really---Shelly isn't voting for him but I don't think he knows that.)

Dani came back.  They plan to sleep all day today to get ready for tonight's competition.

Kalia:  Oh, I forgot to tell them about my face moisturizer for my HOH basket for if I win!

(Ha ha ha ha ha  I predict Kalia will be the first one to drop tonight.  ***THUD***)

They hear a lady's voice through the wall and Dani thinks it sounds like Alison Grodner.

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