Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's a Food Fight for Mike Boogie

Mike Boogie, famous for:

*  Proposing to Krista ("Krusty") on live TV during the BB2 finale
*  Being friends with the fabulous Evil Dr. Will
*  Having genital warts removed on TV
*  Kicking Erica Landon to the curb on live TV after she was generous enough to fuck him
*  and for winning Big Brother All Stars,

is suing the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, as reported by TMZ.

'Big Bro' Champ -- NASTY Food Fight w/ Hard Rock

Boogie is one of the owners of the famous Dolce restaurant group -- which opened a pretty awesome steak place in the Hard Rock Hotel back in 2008 called Rare 120°.

According to a new lawsuit filed by Dolce in Nevada, Rare was a smash hit for years ... until new ownership took over the Hard Rock and tried to push it off the property. 

The Dolce Group claims the Hard Rock was so ruthless, management sent a team to empty out all of the food in the kitchen on July 10 while the place was still in business .... "leaving only a few remaining items on the menu to offer guests."

Rare officially closed its doors the next day.

Now, Boogie -- who's now starring on the VH1 show "Famous Food" -- wants the Hard Rock to pay Dolce back for all the money they lost.

Calls to the Hard Rock have not been returned.

Yeah, yeah, that's all good, but take a look at the comment posted on TMZ by some girl.  This is where it gets good:

A Girl From Last Night about an hour ago

A bunch of my girl friends and I ran into Mr. Malin at a club in Las Vegas last night. Perhaps if he actually gave the same effort into running his restaurants than trying to insist that we all come back to his room at the Cosmopolitan and do cocaine with him the Hard Rock Hotel would not of kicked his restaurant out.
He was so coked out of it that it looked like his pupils were going to pop-out of his head. He even told a few of us who wins his reality show called Famous Food airing on VH1... Danielle Staub AND DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia. When one of my friends asked him if he really should be telling that information to a bunch of girls he just met, he responded, "I don't give a f#@k... that place sucks and we are closing it down at the end of the month" (we assumed he was talking about the restaurant from the show).

Needless to say we all declined his offer and watched him move on to some other "luck" females.
Wonder if the Hard Rock Hotel even knows he is in town and why wouldn't he be at his other restaurant there? We also found it odd that he said he was staying at the Cosmopolitan when he has a restaurant at another casino... I guess there is no loyalty in Las Vegas.

Also, isn't Mike's business partner Lonnie Moore... the guy who raped that underage girl at his nightclub and was also on Millionaire Matchmaker. Seems like Mike keeps great company!

Sorry if that spoiled the outcome of Famous Food for you.

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