Monday, July 11, 2011

I Just Watched Evel Dick's Video

on  There is a little square on the bottom left of the home screen that uploads the video pretty quickly.

Dick is using some sort of list of bullet points, as you might expect, but is generally speaking off the cuff in his usual style.  Except I don't think there was any profanity.

I guess those are his reading glasses---he did take them off at the very end of the video.  The basic points were already summarized in the transcript I published earlier today.  Dick says that none of his family were in any sort of "accident", but he does not mention rumors of drug issues with his son, or himself.  He mentions the rumors of him leaving to promote his website, but says that staying in the house to talk about it would have driven a lot more traffic.  (True.)

He does chalk up his need to leave by attributing it (I would same blaming it, but that was not the spirit of what he had to say) to someone else who has "always been there for him".

He mentions the ridiculous rumors he has read online, but the ones he mentions are truly ridiculous.  Like him being on the space shuttle, him working with Casey Anthony's attorneys to assist in her release, etc.  Totally outlandish rumors---not the rumors that he was getting high in the BB house.  Or brought in the means to get high.  Or arranged to have the means to get high.

He apologizes to CBS, the fans, his team in the house, and basically everybody else.  Based on the way he is handling this, I think he has left the door wide open to return for All Stars, but that is just me talking, not Evel Dick.
Dick Donato needs to be honest with himself.  That's the main thing.  It's already a sad story, but he is the only one who can give himself a happy ending.

hee hee Happy Ending hee hee hee

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