Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Guess Jeff is Hungry, After All

and he's whipping up an early dinner.  Or lunch.  Or whatever the hell it is.

He is dicing up all kinds of veggies and adding them in layers to a pan that sizzles.  I saw mushrooms, red onion, green peppers, and he is dicing up a few strips of bacon.  I've watched Jeff cook enough to guess he is making a pasta sauce.

Some Chicago chef needs to step up and give Jeff some knife skills training.  I know they don't give them good tools there in that house, so maybe his technique is better with a real blade.  (Ever since Justin from BB2 had a few drinks and put a knife to Krista's throat, I don't think they are allowed to have serious kitchen tools.

Jordan came in silently and got a dill pickle.  I'm sure these will be popular pictures.

Jeff is cutting up raw chicken now.  He washes his hands afterwards and uses the knife to scrape the onions in the pan.  The chicken isn't in there yet. I can smell it from here when he takes the lid off and flips the food around.

Kalia must have smelled it, too.  She came in and asked what he was making.

Jeff:  I dunno.  Chicken Something.

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