Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Am a Rocket Scientist,

Brendon says to Dom, during a conversation about strategy.  (Dom said something about not having to be a rocket scientist...)

I predict we will see that clip on the CBS show.  It was a great snippet of dialogue.  I must admit that I wasn't really paying much attention, because I was preparing to write a post about the male eye candy in the house.

In the kitchen the Slop People are talking about their bowel problems.  Kalia usually poops two or three times a day, but the Slop Diet is killing her as far as that goes.  Lawon has lost weight and has been pooping like crazy, unlike Kalia.

Shelly is actually lugging around cleaning products to clean the bathroom.  And earlier today she instructed Keith about how to strip the sheets off his bed so she could do his laundry.

So that plan to not be the Mom of the house is right out of the window.

Kalia ate a number of fiber bars and still hasn't pooped.  She might go into the DR and ask for ExLax.

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