Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Do You Rank the Big Brother Gays?

This is a link to an informative and humerous article that ranks the (out-of-the-closet) gays who have appeared on Big Brother USA over the years.

I'm not sure what criteria they are using for these rankings, but I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

I certainly don't agree that Joshua from BB9 was the worst.  I liked him--he was one of my favorites from that season.  I loved when he went off on Amanda and called her a horseface, and when he pretended to cry and then winked at the cameras.  He was cute, too, and I liked his Texas drawl.

Looking through this list is kind of a performance evaluation for Robyn Kast, who casts the show every year. Hey Robyn, can't you do better than this?  Can't you find attractive, intelligent and engaging gay cast members who are memorable and will have a distinct impact on the game?

Ragan had four out of five of these qualities.  Marcellas had all five.

But fucking Lawon Exum???  He has ZERO!

Am I missing something here?  Are we the viewers being PUNKED?

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