Sunday, July 24, 2011

HOH PowWow

with Jeff, Brendon and Rachel.  There is a lot going on here, so I need to organize my recap.

1.  Jeff and Brendon are wearing matching tank tops.  The DR made fun of them.

2.  Jeff is not offended by them asking him to withhold information from Jordan.  He understands completely. He told Jordan to say "all I want to do is get to the jury house with Jeff" over and over to anyone who asks.  They all laugh.

3.  Rachel tells them that Dani is still pushing a backdoor for Jeff.  Rachel said she just kept agreeing with everything Dani said.

4.  They have the votes to evict Dom---it is at least 4 to 4 right now.  Rachel likes that because the lines will be clearly drawn.  (Plus she would enjoy the drama of breaking the tie, I'm sure.)

5.  Brendon wants to tell everyone at least the day of the live show.  He doesn't want to blindside Danielle and they go over the reasons why they will tell her they want to evict Dom.

6.  The story is that Jeff knows nothing about Dani's plan to back door him---he is just distrustful of Dominic.

7.  They can see that Dom is pulling Porsche over to that side, and is filling her head full of shit.   Brendon said that Dom will be gone, but Porsche is so dumb she will believe anything.

8.  They reiterate that they are the Final Four, and Jeff said they can Never, Never, Never trust what Danielle says.  Jeff says I love that she is thinking final two when there are 11 fucking people in this house...

9.  Rachel left to go buddy up with Porsche.  Brendon cautions her to make sure all of their stories are the same---if Danielle hears something different she will figure it out in a hearbeat.

10.  They think Danielle is the biggest threat in this game--she's been to the Final Two before and is playing hard.  She is also a good competitor.

Thank god for the veterans this year---they are bringing the drama.

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