Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Group Hug, Sort Of

since they are all separated by a lot of space.

Jordan calmly explains that they aren't mad, that they are just worried that Rachel did something that was totally unnecessary.

Rachel:  I just get so wrapped up in competitions...

Jeff:  The reprecussions from today will keep going for two weeks now...just from that.  You will be on slop for two weeks!

Jeff assures them they are 100% good with each other and that the last thing they need to do is fight with each other.

Brendon:  The last thing we need to do is to start fighting and end up with Lawon winning Big Brother!

 Brendon says don't worry about Rachel being on slop. She will be okay.

Brendon:  When she wins HOH next week, she can eat what's in her HOH basket.

Rachel:  I need to be on a two week diet.

Sounds like they had to chew gum and then use the chewed gum to build something or fill in some picture.  They had to run to get the gumballs and Jeff says they "should have gone balls to the wall".

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