Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Morning Danielle

She comes in the kitchen like a zombie, complaining about how tired she is.  She hugs Lawon, who is mixing up a shake and is cheery and bright.

I like Dani's dark hair--she is a natural brunette, but she looks so much older to me than she should look.

Dani:  Can we have some wine?

Keith's mouth drops open in shock.

Dani:  Or some Bailey's for my coffee?  I feel like shit.

(So that explains the premature aging, huh?)

Dom comes in to cut up some fruit and chats quietly with Porsche, giving her a pep talk to try her hardest today.  She should try to win, get off the block, and then deal with it then.

(Good advice, Dom.)

Dom points out that Keith didn't make any friends last night.  Dani goes to the DR complaining that she "still has on last night's underwear".  (not a bra, though)

A few minutes later Dani comes back and says that "it's my brother".

So, I guess something happened with Vincent Donato?  Maybe whatever happened to him is his response to his Dad and Sister making spectacles of themselves again....

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