Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Job, Love

Jeff says as Jordan recounts her conversation with Cassi and Shelly.  He can't believe Jordan did that all by herself.

Jordan described how Cassi's eyes filled up with tears and Jeff reacts to that.  (Men hate to see a pretty girl cry.)

Jordan goes through each step of the conversation thoroughly and Jeff takes it all in.

Jeff: Wow you did a good job.

Jordan: I said, I really want to keep you, and Jeff wants to, too.

Jeff:  You told her that we like her?

Jordan:  Yeah, and her eyes filled up.

Jeff: sad.

Jordan:  I told her that we're not nominating you because you're pretty!

Jordan tells him that Cassi brought up backdooring Brendon and Rachel and Jeff just listens.  Jordan tells Jeff that Cassi said Dominic would be a great ally.

Jeff doesn't seem to even think backdooring Brenchal is a possibility.  Probably because he is good friends with Brendon now.  He points out that if the script were flipped, and Cassi was the HOH and nominated Brendon and Rachel and they won the POV, they would be in the exact same spot!  Cassi would say, I really like both of you but I have to do it...

Jeff:  It pisses me off that we have to get rid of her, and Rachel gets to stay here with her little lapdog (Porsche) and now Dominic!  She's kissing up to his ass now!  The minute the couples split I want to get rid of her and Porsche!

Jordan tells Jeff that Shelly played it really cool, when Cassi said she wouldn't campaign against her.

Jordan:  She's going to see this later and go, Oh!  She was plotting against me!

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