Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Schooled with Ragan 7-27-11

I just watched this episode and I have to say I enjoyed it very much.  I was happy to see that "Spicy Pants" was absent and was replaced by Chelsia Hart from BB9.  I tried to give "Spicy Pants" a chance, but her name bothers me every time I hear it, and she is so embarrassed about being involved that she radiates scorn from every pore.

But I love Chelsia and she looked smashing today in her glasses.

Like a model, right?  Well, of course Ragan Fox was there, but the special guest was Janelle Pierzina, the Goddess of the Big Brother franchise.  Janelle and Ragan were wearing their glasses, too.

Here are the high points, which are all I have time for right now.

1.  Janelle hates Shelly and went on for quite a bit about that.  She hates how Shelly is always digging for information and then runs around the house tattling on everyone.  She can barely stand to watch when Shelly is on the feeds.

2.  Janelle thinks Porsche is playing a good game because she laid low with her Golden Key and kept her mouth shut.  (She is somewhat responsible for Porsche being there, however---a disclaimer.)  She thinks Porsche will make it to Final Five, at least.

3.  Chelsia and Janelle are pulling for Dani all the way and think she will decimate everyone in the competitions.

4.  Chelsia thinks that Dani can sense that Dom is a virgin and compared her to a vampire.  Joking, of course.

5.  Janelle thinks Dom might be gay...Chelsia said if he is a virgin, maybe he doesn't know he is.

6.  Ragan said he thinks Jeff and Dom have more sexual chemistry than Jeff and Jordan do.  Funny.

7.  Janelle mentions that she has never seen Kalia on the feeds when she wasn't eating.  She said this more then once on the broadcast.  They revisit their comments earlier in the season that the houseguests who have the 'biggest' pre-season interview personalities usually are the first to crumble.

8.  They don't seem to like Jeff this year.  Janelle said he is much more cocky and they said that in the chat rooms people are starting to change their opinions about Jeff.  They are also pissed that Jeff and Jordan keep saying that they want to make it to the Jury House.

9.  Janelle likes Rachel, and hates the way Brendon speaks to her.  They want Rachel to have the opportunity to play alone without him, so they think Brendon should be evicted first.

10.  They think a sequestered HG won't come in the house until next week.  Janelle mentions that in BB6 Kaysar came back in the house and they went straight into an endurance competition.  (Remember that Kaysar let Jennifer win and then she evicted him?  What a dumbass.  I never got the Kaysar worship--I watched him on the feeds and he was like a scared rabbit.)

11.  Chelsia and Janelle think that Lawon would be fun to go out and drink with.    Janelle thinks it would be funny if he won something.

12.  Janelle also thinks that if a veteran doesn't win, they should all be very, very embarrassed.

13.  Ragan said a lot more stuff (of course) but as you know I don't really care what he says.

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