Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally They Drop Off

and it is no coincidence that Kalia has left the room.  She just can't take a hint and would have babbled semi-coherently all night.  Or day, as the case may be.

When I first saw this, I thought Dominic was spooning Dani.

But then I looked at another angle, and there is no spooning at the present time.

I thought at first that Dom was sucking his thumb, but that's a no as well.  From listening to their previous conversation, I think they think that Dom has a good chance of staying tonight, since he was talking about his HOH room.

Anyway you look at it, tonight's show is going to be one for the records.  I know people are bitching and moaning about this season, but the drama and tension are very high for the third week of the season.

Julie mentioned a new twist on last night's CBS show----I'm guessing they will announce that one of the evictees (Keith, Cassi and probably Dom) will have a chance to return.  I think Dom deserves it.  He is taking all of this incredibly well--no cursing or crying from him.  Everyone around him might be cursing and crying, but  he has stayed relatively calm and collected.

He reminds me of Dr. Will---his mannerisms and confidence.  Do what you need to do, Alison Grodner.  Make it work, baby.

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