Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Few Words About Rachel

As you know, I have been watching the live feeds and have a few observations about Rachel.

Last year, she was hyper-aware of the cameras and made sure she put on a good show whenever she knew they were on her.  Brendon started to do the same thing, so the two of them  always seemed to be "on" whenever we saw them on camera.

Rachel also obliged when BB brought her back in the house for the 'bad' Pandora's Box.  She came in with guns blazing, started a fight with Ragan, and seemed to love being the villian.
But this year, things are different.

She is still hyper-aware of the cameras being on her, but uses that as a reminder to curb her behavior.  I have heard her say several times that she doesn't want America to hate them this year.  She knows that we watched all of their fights and mocked them constantly.

She and Brendon agreed to do the show only if they didn't fight like they did last year.  They are trying  hard not to, but it seems to be a struggle.

I have heard other BB players say that Rachel is quite different in real life--maybe this is what they are referring to.

Last year she and Brendon also made out and had sex frequently on camera.  Will they do that this year?  I'm not sure what has happened thus far, but I guess I'll let you know....

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