Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fake Tears from Kalia

who has been talking nonstop (of course) in the Padded Cell with Lawon.

(Uh....Kalia, you know you're on TV, don't you?  Both network and cable broadcasts?  For 24 hours total each week, right?)

(She has been saying that her dirty hair stinks for days and it doesn't look like she washed it, does it?  No wonder Shelly wanted to clean the pillows this morning.)

Kalia is fake crying that Jordan was her best friend in the house, she really developed feelings for her, and it is (***sob***) obviously all changed in the past few days (***sob***).

Kalia:  I was her Dionne and she was my Cher!

Is Kalia that Clueless?

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