Sunday, July 24, 2011

Evel Dick on Adam: Me No Likey

Adam will surely be crushed when he hears that his idol Evel Dick is not impressed with his performance in BB13, to say the least, and to put it mildly.

Tweets can be a fleeting thing....forgotten and lost after a few weeks, months, or even days, so I am plucking out Evel Dick's tweets about Adam in the last 12 hours or so as a sort of scrapbook for Adam.....

(If you don't follow Evel Dick on Twitter, you are missing some good angry stuff....)

Oooo....ouch.  Evel Dick has also recognized that Dani is in trouble.  Here is a snippet of that:

(Apparently N3rdtacular is Ronnie Talbot from BB11.)

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