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Evel Dick Chats With the Fans

This is a transcript of a chat with Evel Dick in the last day or so.  I think it originates from, but I found it at Jokers.  It is very interesting to hear him talk about the newbies, and his relationships with his alliance.

I loved seeing him on CBS tonight and am sad that he won't be on for the rest of the season.  He certainly seemed to have his hands around a few necks.  But he didn't look well.  Not well at all.

I'm sure we will see him next summer on All Stars.   I must admit I'm a little heartbroken.  I used to cover Evel Dick when I wrote for the Big Big Brother Website during BB8, but I was looking forward to covering him live and uncensored.  I loved the Dick-at-Nite show.

Have a good summer Dick and do what you need to do.

.Summary of ED's chat at RTV
07/10/11 12:11 PM

Big Brother 13: Dick Donato Speaks to the Fans!!

Big Brother 8 Winner, Evel Dick Donato, has broken his silence!

Below is a chat transcript that was sent to me by a longtime friend of BBDish, Kristin (Gettin it Together), who was present in the chat and had a couple of her questions answered by Evel Dick. Kristin is the "Me" in the transcript below.

The language is more raw than you're accustomed to seeing on BBDish, but I think it's important to let Dick speak for Dick, with no alterations...

According to the transcript below, Dick's video explanation of his departure will be released on RTVZone Sunday afternoon. We'll have our eyes peeled!

ED: What's up boys and girls. thanks for all the well wishes people. Yes, it's 2:30... I don't sleep much usually, but I am not sleeping at all these days

ED: I just wrote my statement I will be recording and posting tomorrow. Look for it here (on RTVZone) tomorrow afternoon. I apologize to everyone. I am way more disappointed about leaving the house than anyone else, trust me.

ED: it's early in the game, the feeds will get better with this cast, they are good. this is the oldest average age cast ever...

Me: Do you like Rachel? You seemed to be getting along with her?

EvelDick: Just because someone is in your alliance, you put up with them, not necessarily like them.

ED: Shelly rocked, Adam was really out there, Cassi I liked, Porche was cool

ED: Honestly, it is hard for me to watch the feeds, it is really upsetting to me still to be gone.

ED: I got along with Jeff

EvelDick: I am not answering anything to do with my departure... period. My statement will be the only time I address this.

ED: I honestly forgot Jordan won... whooops. I like Jordan, but she won by default.

EvelDick - There are a lot of smokers in the house this season.

ED: sorry, went out to smoke...back now.

ED: I love Jun

ED: I am rooting for Dani of course

ED: know I ***** the alliance by leaving, and I had no idea they would give Dani the golden key, but am glad

ED: but they are now down 2 players, good competitors and a vote... that sucks

ED: No Comp ***** while in the house.whoever is doing Dani's twitter should stop

ED: This season was completely different for me. I didn't have ***** lined up so well in the start of BB8

ED: well, whoever is running Dani's twitter should stop, it is lame

Anyone running her twitter should not be tweeting like it is her, it is just ***** stupid. The fortune teller will come into play sometime soon I am sure.

ED:all the stupid rumors why I left are done by tards that don't know *****

ED: that fortune teller was like a female version of Jerry from BB10 it was weird looking...

ED: did they take the cigarette out of it's mouth that I put in?

ED: Adam did the Jerry impression 5,000 times before the feeds went live, he was making me nuts

Me: What do you think of Kalia?

ED: Kalia = a waste of space in the BB house.Yes I like Green Day

ED: She did surprise me with how long she lasted on the banana comp.. Kalia, I mean

ED: Cassi is smokin' hot and cool as hell. No Jen's in the house this season.

ED: I did align with J&J and B&R and I had Adam and Porche in my back pocket. I haven't spoken to anyone who has called me since leaving

Me: Did you hear about Keith blowing up? and his youth minister thing?

ED:I heard about Keith but not details

ED: Shelly was also in my pocket. I was running that game. It really bummed me out to leave

ED: No idea how I would get Dani and I into the final 2 or if I could, but I would have tried

ED: there is always a chance people are lying to you, but I am a pretty good judge of that and not much of that ***** got by me last time and I don't think much of it would have gotten by me this time

ED: I knew Keith was a youth minister, the dummy wore all these shirts with his church ***** on it

ED: too early to judge Jeff's game. But I did have to lead him along a few times and spell ***** out. Dom equals dumb.

ED: No, I can say what I want and CBS is ok with it. They just want to know what I am going to say is all. It is a matter of privacy, and they respect that. They will be very vague.

ED: I thought Dom was the gay one, he made some off handed comments to me

ED: Dom has a huge crush on Dani, she will try and use that.

ED: Dani needs to stick with best competitors and they are B/R and Jeff
and they should pull a person or 2 into it temp until they have #;s

ED: If they asked me back, I would do it again, yes. And I hope they do

ED: Golden keys were to help keep returning HG's from all going home early

ED: I won't be back this season, so don't start any rumors.

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