Monday, July 25, 2011

The Drama After the Drama

This has been a busy afternoon of whispers, truths, and lies.

A lot of Danielle's lies are catching up with her today...can she handle it?  From what I've seen, I don't think so.  Things go fine for Danielle as long as everything goes her way.  And right now, it definitely is not.

After things calmed down a bit after the POV ceremony, Rachel was whispering to Dani in the kitchen about the previous plan to back door Jeff.  Dani has told Brendon and Rachel that the two of them are the ONLY people she discussed that with, so Rachel wanted to know how did Jeff hear about it?  Dani pinned it on Shelly.  You can see in the picture below that while this conversation was taking place, Jeff and Jordan were lounging in the pool, describing vacations they planned to take.  Jordan wants to stay in a little hut on the water.

So Shelly heard that she was supposedly the one talking smack about Jeff, so she grabbed a moment with Danielle on her way to use the WC.  She said she has heard it now from two different people that she is the one who told Jeff he might get backdoored this week, and that simply isn't true.  You can see from the body language that Shelly is on the attack, waiving her two fingers around, and that Danielle is on the defense.  After Shelly went into the WC and closed the door Dani's face was tight and she got the hell out of there.

Dom and Kalia are laying outside, talking in low voices while Brendon works out on the elliptical.  Yes, that is indeed a courageous wardrobe choice for Kalia.  I do like the color, though.

Dom says that Dani's plan was not a good move----now he says the newbies never really believed that Brenchal would backdoor Jeff.  Kalia murmers that Dani told Brenchal that she didn't tell anybody else about it.  Dom is aware of that, too.

Dom:  That was a bad move.....

Dom wondered if there was any chance that he might get to stay this week.  They determined that it all depended on Rachel's vote, since it might come down to a tie.  He is going to work on that before Thursday.  Hey, I guess anything could happen, but his connection with Danielle will be his downfall here.  They all like Dom, but don't like his perceived connection to Danielle anymore.

Porsche took a little nap with Rachel in the HOH, and filled her in on a lot of doings downstairs.  I think Rachel has successfully secured Porsche on their side, after their worries yesterday that she was working with Dom and Dani.  Porsche discussed her feelings about Evel Dick---he reminds her so much of her own dad, and she was surprised that Dani didn't approach her after Dick left to pick up the alliance with her.  Dani hasn't been nice to her or talked about the game until the last few days.

She mentioned the tattoo on Dani's foot--she and her dad apparently used to have matching shamrock tattoos, but Dani has gone out of her way to cover it up with something else (a butterfly?).  You can see that Jordan was blissfully soaking in the rays during all of this.

Supposedly tonight the four veterans are going to meet in the HOH to hash it out....

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