Saturday, July 30, 2011

The DR Must Have Given Rachel Some Ideas

because she came out all happy and optimistic, snuggling up with Brendon in the Have Not Room.

Rachel mentions that 'they' told her something and the feeds cut out for a second.

They are very kissy and Brendon says he likes to see her happy.  I think they are going to try and make a deal with Dani---Rachel says Dani would be stupid not to do that.

(I think that last sentence describes why Dani doesn't want Brenchal in the house--they have no idea what makes her tick.  Brendon went on and on yesterday about how Dani can win America's Favorite if she works with them and after he left she shot a bird at the camera and said she doesn't give a shit about America's Favorite.)

(Also, I get douchechills when Dani says "Dinunzio".  That is one of the stupidest words ever.)

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