Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dominic Wants to Go Hunting and Fishing

when he visits Shelly in Louisiana.  His dad loves to hunt, too.  Shelly has "tons and tons of samples" for Dominic's dad "after all this is over".

(Samples for inventions for hunting and fishing.)

Shelly killed a bear when she was up in a tree stand.  It was a cute bear so she had trouble shooting it (then why did she do it?).  They stuffed part of a tree with honey and Sweettarts (because "bears love sweets") and  then Shelly killed it when it went to the tree.

A TV crew was with her, filming it.  She has also killed a deer with a rifle.

She describes learning to shoot skeet and how the kick of the gun hit her in the face.  She learned to bury the butt of the gun in her shoulder.

Dom describes shooting prairie dogs and how their head blows up.

(I have to change the camera.  This makes me sick.)

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