Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dominic Models for Levis

and "gets mad at his boys when they don't wear them".

Levi's is a San Francisco-based company so I'm sure a lot of people are on the Levi's train out there.

Dom wears a size 32 and Adam jokes that he might be a size 32, also before the end of the summer.  Dominic can get sample sale clothes for his friends and will hook Adam up.

Adam is having to cinch in his waist since he has dropped over 10 pounds in the BB house.

But enough about him...let's get back to Dominic.

Here is a link to a company's blog who worked with Dom on a Levi's campaign.  I think Dominic is fine and I might invest in a pair of Levi's for myself after seeing this.

Lawon is getting hyped up tonight. I hope he plans to change before the show.

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