Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dominic Kills

Sometimes the feeds are laugh-out-loud funny.  Dominic and Dani are laying down resting, and Dominic is entertaining the crowd by playing the 'Would You Rather' game with Keith.

Dom:  Keith, would you rather lay down with Dani forever, but you can never take your clothes off, or lay down next to Adam and you can be naked?

Keith asks a lot of clarifying questions.  He has "no problem with nudity" and asks if he and Dani can touch each other while they lay together.  Dani keeps murmuring "no!",  "no!" to Dominic as Keith asks his questions.  They are in separate bedrooms, so Keith and Dom are talking pretty loud.

Keith finally takes the Adam option, once it is established that he can make out with chicks while he lays there.

Adam:  Ooooo  that sounds interesting!  (***gross***)

Dom:  Only the chicks who will actually do it with you....

It is pretty funny stuff.

Now they are all back in the HOH for a lockdown for some reason. Rachel has her hair in rollers and is taking a long time with her makeup.  What else does she have to do?  She looks like Lucille Ball here.  Sorry Rachel.
Kalia is standing in the tub and running the water.  I guess some sort of bathing procedure is about to take place.

FYI before I forget---Rachel has mentioned Britney talking about her last year.  She was hurt when she saw all of Britney's DR sessions.  I wonder if she was surprised to see her own behavior?

Rachel starts rapping 'Mr. Boombastic' and tells Kalia she doesn't think the live feeds are on.  Kalia has been getting in trouble for singing but hasn't been threatened with a penalty nomination.

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