Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dominic Encourages Lawon, and Lawon Encourages Domnic

Dominic:  None of them think you will ever win anything.  Prove them wrong.  Go out there and get 'em.  Then say, I told you all!  I'll be upstairs in the HOH in my robe!

Lawon is sporting a sparkly bandana.

Dom:  What do you think Dani is like in real life?

Lawon:  Oh, she's beautiful...and sweet.  I think she likes you, too.

Dom:  Oh, don't say that.....She is totally my type....

Lawon:  For real?

Dom:  Oh, yes.  Totally my type.  I like dark hair, petite.....very athletic...with an attitude....totally my type!

(You can practically hear the story editors cursing as they have to edit their reels AGAIN for tonight's show to fit in this exciting footage.)

Brendon tells Rachel how sexy she looks and is accosting her in the corner of the kitchen.  She giggles and wants to take more Tylenol.

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