Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dominic: Dani Likes Girls

Jeff and Jordan come back down to Candy Land to take a nap before the POV.  (I don't think they have picked the players yet, though.)

Dani and Dom were in the other Candy Land bed and Jeff taunts them as he takes off his microphone to get ready for his nap.

Jeff:  Did you two just kiss?

Dom: No, she likes girls...

Now we see Porsche listening to a little Tiesta in the HOH room with Rachel.

Dominic comes into the room and asks if he can speak to Rachel, so Porsche leaves and Rachel gets right to it, asking Dom how he feels about things.

Rachel assures him that she didn't nominate him to send him out of the house.  Dom asks her what she is thinking, is Adam the target?

Rachel says she will probably send Lawon home if Dom or Adam win the POV.

Dom:  You're going to back door him?

Rachel:  No, that's not really a back door, I guess it is, but he is such a floater.  A back door is when you can't play for the Veto.  Like if I put Jeff & Jordan up, that would be a back door...

If Brenchal wins the POV, they won't keep Dom on the block if they don't have the votes to keep him.  Adam never talks game to Rachel, and all he says to Dom is that when they go to singles, the "two of them are going to play hard".

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