Monday, July 18, 2011

Dom Guesses Cassi's Big Secret

Dominic, Cassi and Lawon have been hanging out in the backyard.  They talked about Cassi potentially being sequestered and brought back in the game.

They also discussed how freaked out they would  be if Keith came back in the game, or worse, if Keith's twin brother (Kenny?) appeared in the game.

Dom wouldn't want him back, because he had severe trust issues.  They discussed Keith being on two other reality shows.  (I only know about one, which I discussed here.)

They decide to go inside and Cassi announces she isn't going to brush her teeth.  Dom gives her a hard time about it, but she says she doesn't like to do it, so she's not going to do it.  She brushed her teeth this morning and is good enough for her.

She weighed herself and announced that she gained 5 pounds somehow.

Lawon heads to bed, leaving Cassi and Dom in the bathroom.

Cassi:  When this is all over, I've got somethin' to tell you....something I've withheld...

Dom:  Tell me now!

Cassi:  Nope, 'cause if they decide to bring me back, then you'll know and I don't want that....Its something that all of America, including your sister already know...

Dom guesses that she's a man, that "they're real".

Cassi:  Yeah, my boobs are the big secret.

Cassi:  It's not a big's nothing bad...but you'll understand why I didn't tell anyone...

Dom:  When you see my intro, you'll be like "No fucking way!"---a lot of stuff is being withheld.  It's a lot of personal stuff...stuff that you would never expect from me..

Cassi:  Does it involve your job?  Are you a stripper?

Dom:  No, I'm a PT.

Cassi:  You're in the Navy?  You have a kid?

Dom:  Hell no...

Cassi:  You're gay?

Dom:  I'm gonna smack you.  What about your secret?

Cassi:  I wouldn't say it's personal, but its a very big, a huge part of my life..

Dom:  You're a lesbian?

Cassi:  Yeah, I'm a lesbian (kidding)...

Dom:  But what is it about?

Cassi:  Let's just say, I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want what is happening to me now in here to happen...but it is..

Dom, whispering:  You're a model?  You're a model!  And I've been taking the rap for that the whole time!

Cassi smiles so Dom knows he's right.

Dom:  You're a model!

Cassi:  Full time.....for 10 years...I've never had another job.

Dom, laughing:  That's so sick!  Who's your agent?

Cassi:  Out here? Next.

Dom:  Really?  Do you know Mamie?  Or Mimi?  Who's your booker?

Cassi doesn't know them:  I probably shouldn't say---they didn't sign release forms.

BB doesn't like this.

And now we're back.

Dom:  I kind of knew you weren't a stylist.

Cassi:  Well, I picked that because I know a little something about it from modeling.  I looked up Parsons before I came in here on the internet.

Dom:  So you're not moving to New York?

Cassi:  Well, I might...for modeling.

Dom:  But you're old...26...

Cassi:  I want Victoria's Secret

Dom:  Are they putting you up for it?

Cassi:  Yeah..

Dom says that all of his clients in San Francisco would want to work with Cassi.  She has had to catch herself when people were talking about international travel and she had to stop herself from discussing Venice because people would wonder why she traveled so much.

Cassi tells him that they filmed her at a photo session for her intro.

Dom:  That's why they didn't want to do that with me! I had some work lined up but they didn't want to shoot it.  Who are your regular clients?


Cassi:  I'm signed in Dallas, used to be called Elite..


Dom:  I hate working in LA--everybody and their dad is trying to model.  But in San Francisco I'm like a big fish in the small know what it's like...

Cassi has been in every magazine there is, and her biggest spread was probably in Marie Claire.  Dom understands why she didn't want to disclose this to the other HG.  He wants to see her book now to "see her shit".  He is very excited about all this and Cassi says in the living room when Dom introduced himself as a model she was laughing to herself.

Dom:  Does Shelly know?

Cassi:  No.....

Dom:  I feel like I need to tell you something about me now...there are three big of them I'm definitely not going to tell you.....OK....I'm really a student too...I'm pre-med studying BioChem

Cassi:  No...(laughing)  you're a liar!

Here comes Lawon, looking kind of suspicious as he visits the WC and washes his hands.

Cassi:  You guessed it right away though...I wanted a big explosion....

(Right in front of Lawon, but I think he is oblivious.)

After Lawon leaves Dom whispers that he really wants to open a kid's gym and be a pediatrician, so he can't take modeling too seriously right now...he has 18 units left in school...

Cassi:  Is Dana real?

Dom:  Yes, Dana is real..


Now here comes Lawon again, interrupting.  He knows something is up and is being a buzzkill on purpose.  He wants to stay up all night with them and they are just waiting for him to get the hell out of there.


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