Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dom Addresses Adam Now

and is telling him he is one of the coolest guys he has ever met.  He knew early in the game that the two of them would be on the block and he would have to campaign against him.  He thinks the world of him and is so glad to have met him.

Dom:  When you watch the tapes, when you get out of here, know that any deals I tried to make were nothing personal....I was just playing the game.

Adam understands and appreciates this.  Now Dom tells Adam what actually happened with Operation Backdoor Jeff (I made up that term just now.).  As far as I know, what he is saying is absolutely true---Brendon and Rachel were on board with the plan but then told Jeff all about it the next day.  Dom thinks they were afraid to make the move.

(Actually they realized that Dani was playing the couples against each other--that is what I saw.)

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