Saturday, July 30, 2011

Did Rachel Smoke Crack Today?

Because now she goes in the Tarot Room to whisper to Jeff and Jordan that she is going to tell Danielle to put up Kalia or Lawon.

Jeff:  She's not gonna do that....

Rachel wants to tell Dani that if she does that, the four of them can work together again.  I think Kalia may have done a good job on part of the competition--I think I heard Rachel give her props a few minutes ago.

Brendon comes in and Rachel goes to the kitchen to get a plate of something like spaghetti.  I guess her Have Not week is over.

Muscle milk is what they are all drinking.  I guess BB can thank Lane from BB12 for that. Brendon asked Jordan if she wanted some slopcakes.  She doesn't and elaborates that they "give her the runs".

Jeff mentions to Brendon that he never considers Porsche ever, so he forgot about her during the competition.  He was only thinking about himself, not what other people would do.

Rachel:  Jeff you did a really good job..

Jeff:  Yeah, but no offense to the two of you, but I should've won that...I made a stupid, stupid, stupid move..

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