Friday, July 8, 2011

Dick Has a Girlfriend,

Danielle tells Brendon and Rachel.  She saw a picture of her at her Grandma's house.

Dani:  She's pretty.  I think she lives in Vegas and she's around 30.  She's not who my dad would typically in, she's not eighteen!

 They were talking about Dick leaving and kept mentioning Production so the feeds were interrupted.  Brendon said something like "maybe he can go find out and then come back in the house".

Dom is making breakfast again, something the call a Hot Mess.  Someone just called it Stoner Surprise.

Dani has the hiccups.  Jeff has some new phrases this year, like "yama mama".  They ask him if that is a phrase "from his travels" and he just laughs.

(i.e. Jeff's internet show, Around the World for Free)

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