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Dick at Nite Show 7-28-11

I listened to the Dick at Nite show on this morning.  The show was the first of it's kind and was taped right after Thursday's live show went off  the air.  The endurance competition was still going, so when the hour-long show ended Dick didn't know the winner yet.

They have added some music at the beginning of the show, with crowd noises to hype everyone up.  I was hyped the first and second times I heard it.  Basically every time I tried to take a picture of the screen, I got kicked out and had to start over again and try to scroll where I just left off.  After eleven times, I was annoyed but I kept going.

I only took a few pictures.  Sorry about that.  I missed getting a close up of Janelle's HUGE engagement ring, as well as a lot of good reaction shots of the guests.  The guests were Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, and Jun Song. Any Big Brother fan would agree that those guests, together with Evel Dick, make a great talk show.

Janie is the star of any show.  I couldn't take pictures of the rest, so please enjoy what I do have here today.

Lots to report here.

1.  Evel Dick was kind of a mess.  He was sniffing, scratching his head constantly, and was a general ball of nerves.  But hey the live show just ended and he was trying to watch the live feeds, read his email, and host the show.  And his daughter's BB life is on the line.  But I'll let you draw your own conclusions about it.......

2.  Dick said that most of the newbies are hardcore BB fans, which I guess makes sense if casting wanted to cast them with veterans.  He said Dom tries to play it off like he's only watched a few seasons, but he was mentioning minute details from prior seasons with Dick, so Dick knows better.  He also said that Adam knew a lot of minutia and even knew Don Wollman.

3.  Dick is not a big Adam fan.  He said the whole bacon-90210-heavy metal routine was played out.  They said that BB has become so gimmicky, Adam is probably playing that up on purpose.  (I have heard the HG talk about Adam's agent---he already has one to line up appearances for him after the season ends, so maybe Dick is onto something here.)

4.  James loved Dom's speech, but Dick wishes people would have the balls to say things like this daily, not just when they are about to leave.  He mentions Andrew's outing of Hayden and Kristin's relationship the night he got evicted.

5.  Dick says he brought up Brendon's "skyperbating" incident a number of times before the feeds went live.  (Dick wasn't even in the house when the feeds went live.)  He said Brendon had a good sense of humor about it and could laugh at himself.

6.  Dick doesn't like Casey from BB11 and said he had a bad experience with him.

7.  Dick thinks Jeff is stupid and gave a few examples of it.  He thinks he and Jeff would have had big problems in the house due to Jeff's ego and Dick was preparing for an ugly showdown.

8.  No one respects Jordan's gameplay, but Jun stated that she is gorgeous and she "would totally do her".  Janelle also said she was pretty but she would have voted for Natalie.  Dick said that it wasn't about her looks, but mentioned in the next sentence that she ate a lot of cookies and gained weight.  Whatever.

9.  Janelle asked if anybody saw Natalie BB9's porno.  Brian from BB10 sent it to her and it had a holiday theme, apparently, because she had bows over her boobs and sounded like she showed just about everything.  Dick encouraged us to look for it online.  He brought up that she was blowing Matt BB9 who is in prison within a week of going in the house.  (How else would Natalie make money?  I mean, really...)

10.  They think casting really fucked up with the newbies.  Jun wants a whole new group of newbies.  Dick thinks they chose them to make sure the veterans stayed in the house---none of them were going to win anything.

11.  As they tuned in to the endurance comp, they were all surprised that Kalia was still up there, but weren't giving her any credit yet.  (Neither was I at that point...)

12.  About #5 above, James spoke for Brendon and said he made a mistake, take it easy on him, etc.  But then I realized that the same girl who got those pictures of Brendon's dick also published pictures of James' dick as well.  I saw it.  But no one brought that up on this web chat.  At least James is keeping it real, huh?

13.  During the show Dick said Production was calling him and joked that he'd said to much because he is under contract.  A little later he said "Rich" called and they joked that was in trouble.

14.  Janelle is 5 months pregnant and has terrible heartburn.  Dick is the one who announced her pregnancy online so then Janelle had to make it public.  Dick apologized for that.  Oops.

15.  Dick mentioned all of "his friends" who have been on Celebrity Rehab----Steven Adler, Leif Garrett, Sugar Kiper----he said that the Celeb Rehab people call him and he wonders if they want suggestions for friends of his, or for him.......(What do you think, Dick?)

16.  I wish I could have taken pictures---you could actually see the callers as they asked their video questions.  For one of them, we could see her computer screen with videos she has saved of Dani and Dom, and another's husband (or somebody) was yelling at her to get out of the room.  Dick was nice to them, although one or two probably didn't deserve it.

17.  Dick seemed to have a new sort of accent----kind of hispanic????  But then again he was talking a mile a minute so I don't know.

18.  He said after he left the BB house, he was standing outside "waiting for a car" with someone from the show and he said he didn't understand why Rachel and Brendon were cast.  He was told the producers wanted "duos who were loved, hated, and feared".

19.  Dick didn't know for sure that Dani would be there, but he had a good feeling.  He didn't know about the other duos, but all of the other duos were together in the hotel pre-sequester.

20.  I heard Jordan say on the feeds that she got a separate hotel room from Jeff in case they started to go crazy but then they ended up being together the whole time anyway.

21.  Jeff took a beating on this show. They all mention how he tells Jordan to Shut Up and Dick imitates this a few times.  James understands that BB gives him a good's a TV show.

22.  Oh, and Andrew Captain Kosher did a taped segment with odds on a bunch of things.  It was way too long and boring but he makes fun of Brendon's turtle with his own mascot.

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