Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danielle Talks About Her Dad....

I came in on the end of the conversation, but Dani is telling Dom about the last time she spent time with her dad, Evel Dick.

They went to Seattle together to see a Jets game, and they got snowed in.  I think her brother was there, too.  It was Christmastime, and Dani was upset because she wanted to be at home for the holiday and to be "with her boyfriend at the time".  Her dad said that she should be happy just to be there with him and enjoy it.

Dani:  I could go into a lot of detail here, but I won't.  I got my own hotel room and was horrible.

Dom:  Sounds like it...

Dani:  Well, when we got home and my grandma picked me up, the last thing he said to me was 'if I never see you again, it will be too soon', and I just said that's it for me.....

Dom:  That's tough.  Especially between family members, it's hard to forget about that.

Dani:  And like Brendon and Rachel came in here and said oh we love your dad, but they only met him for five days.  Trust me if he were here now he would be railing on them.

She really wanted to do this without Evel Dick to prove she can do it.


I have heard Brendon say twice that the first day he met Danielle, she told him that she was okay with Evel Dick getting evicted Week #1.

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