Friday, July 8, 2011

Danielle On Keith

in the Storage Room (SR).  She is telling Keith how his comments last night hurt her.
Dani:  I don't understand how something happening in my personal life becomes part of the game!

(Uh, because you are live on the web, cable and network TV with your Dad.)

I guess Keith was talking trash about how it wasn't fair that Dani got the Golden Key.  (It probably isn't, but Production had to respond to Dick leaving somehow.)

Dani:  It's not like I was walking around and found the Golden Key!  I got screwed last night!

The conversation is good and Keith says he wants to make friends in the game, he doesn't want to come off abrasive and cocky.  Dani and Jeff are the last people that he would like to think have personal issues with him.  He thinks both of them have the characteristics that he has...likeable, personable, etc.

Dani makes a joke about needing a barf bag.

Keith tells her she is "so slick" and that "guys gravitate to her".
Is that a beer gut on Dani?  Booze bloat?  Is she not breathing right during her crunches?

Check out the new colorful slop buckets.
That is Dani's brother's hat and it "smells like him".  It "smells like shit". 


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