Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dani Whispers to Dom

in the backyard and seems to have recovered a little.  She is always flirting with Dom.

Dom:  If I leave this week, Jeff is going to win this game....

I guess Dani told him Brendon would not use the POV, and that he is probably going home.

Dom is going home this week, and he is cool as a cucumber.  Dani is simmering.

I'll bet the fine people who run Alison Grodner Productions are doing what they can to make sure Thursday's HOH is Dani's game.

Now the fight is on for Porsche's vote---Dom is going to focus on that (and Rachel is, too).

Let's Review:  Dani got one indication today that things weren't going her way, and she flipped the checkerboard on the floor.  She could have figured out another way, but instead she is going to provide cover for all of the weaker Newbies while her former teammates target her until she is gone.

Dani:  Look, Rachel made it to the jury.  Big deal.  Brendon made it to the jury.  Big deal.  Jeff made it to the jury.  Big deal.  Jordan won because she's stupid...

(Nothing is worse than a sore loser.)

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