Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dani Sneers at Jordan

Dani, to Dom:  Jordan wants this to be another Season 11--she said she wants this person or that person to win because they're nice.  I was like, (gesturing towards the camera) did you get that?  Can you believe she just said that?

Dani says someone needs to take Brendon out and Rachel will flip out--Dani doesn't think she will be able to win things without him. I think she also whispered that Jordan needs to go because she won't win anything and make any big moves.

Dom wants to keep an eye on how close Adam and Shelly will get.  He thinks that as soon as Cassi goes, they will buddy up.

Dom:  Nobody's going to target the two old people.

Dom has never trusted Adam:  "You should never strike a deal with your dad".

Dani:  Would you rather Brendon and Rachel stay longer than Jeff and Jordan?

Dom:  Right this second, yeah.  As long as Rachel loves me, which is yes at the moment.

Dani: Well, just keep going.  She's going to keep playing emotional.

Dom: You've just got to keep making stupid ditzy remarks to her and she's happy.  Jeff's not dumb...

Dani:  He's not the smartest person, either.

Dom:  But you know you send Jeff home and your girl Kalia goes straight to Jeff and Jordan.

Dani:  Did Kalia talk to you today?

Dom:  Yeah...she wants some sort of verbal comittment from me...I don't know her...she wants a contract or something and that's the extent of my game play with her.

Dani:  I like Kalia and I want to keep her around for a long time.

Dom:  Because she's not a threat, and no one likes her?

Dani:  A lot of people like her.

Dom thinks that Kalia doesn't trust him because of Cassi--once Cassi is out the door she might change her mind.

Dom: I'm stuck with you...

Dani:  You're lucky.

Dom:  You just want to get past the couples and then cut my ass.

Dom:  People will end up liking me more than you...and I can beat you in the competitions....

Dani: You're a dick!

The flirty banter continues.....

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